The travel industry is delivering memorable guest experiences.

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The travel industry turns to tech to meet food safety regulations and maximize profits.

The travel industry runs 24 hours a day, every day, and demand for foodservice is unwavering. An automated system of wireless sensors logging data at regular intervals without any human involvement, reduces room for error to practically zero and and frees staff members to focus on improving the guest experience. See how technology is helping travel businesses stay ahead of the curve, and solve some of the industry’s biggest problems.


"The software is powerful and easy to navigate. The support is remarkable."

Tom Webber
Vice President of Food Safety and Quality

Read the Buddy's Kitchen Case Study


Automated Record Keeping

Monitor food safety and other operational systems 24/7/365.


Real-Time Alerts

Notify staff via text, email, or phone to prevent product loss or equipment failures


Enterprise Reports

Analyze temperature trends over time for shelf life maximization and better purchasing decisions.

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