Digital Checklists

Digital Checklists

OpSense makes performing tasks easier and faster than ever. You can take photos, add notes, record temperatures, and maintain a digital record of everything from food safety compliance checklists to sweep logs, opening and closing tasks and everything in between. Review results in real-time from all your locations.

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“OpSense has completely revolutionized how I manage the temperatures at our distribution centers. I am able to monitor numerous temperature zones at multiple locations all from my desk or my phone. The system is so easy to use and the customized checklists and reporting make regulatory compliance and auditing a breeze!”

Sean Ferris
Food Safety and Quality Assurance Specialist

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Everything you need in one place

Easy to Manage

Digital checklists are easy to create and maintain. Copy tasks with one single click.

Cloud Storage

Your data is secure and accessible whenever you need it!

Save Time

The app saves your employees the hassle of documenting checklists on paper, and results are shared instantly with everyone for review.

Reduce Labor Costs

Gone are the days of gathering physical copies of checklists to share with compliance officers and leadership teams. Download results in seconds, and share them instantly.

Ensure Quality & Compliance

It's never been easier to prove compliance. Share results at the click of a button.

Improve Efficiency

From storing results electronically, to advanced tracking and analytics, the enhancements you'll gain by going digital are astounding.

Reporting & Analytics

Generate reports for audits and analysis

Managers can see checklists as they are completed, from each location. The Weekly Checklist Summary Report and Corrective Action Report provide insights into trends and highlight locations performing well. For example, consistent corrective action may point to a location at risk or an individual that needs additional training.

Corrective Actions Report Mockup
Weekly Summary Report Mockup

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