Real-Time Continuous Temperature Monitoring

So you always know the temperature of your perishables

Ensure the Freshest Food and Gain Actionable Insight

Do you know what temperature your perishables are right now? You would if you had the OpSense monitoring platform. Remote monitoring allows you to track temperatures and other environmental conditions in real-time, no matter where you are. By making sure that the right action is taken at the right place, at the right time by the right people, operators can deliver a consistent experience for all customers.

Purpose-built for the foodservice industry from farm to retailer and every step in between, the easy-to-use customizable solution helps meet food safety guidelines and prevent inventory loss.


Automated Record Keeping

Monitor food safety and other operational systems 24/7/365.


Real-Time Alerts

Notify staff via text, email, or phone to prevent product loss or equipment failures


Enterprise Reports

Analyze temperature trends over time for shelf life maximization and better purchasing decisions.

Get the Solution Brief You Need

We understand the subtle differences each business faces. Download the solution brief that best matches your industry to see how OpSense can monitor your enterprise resources in real-time.


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Cold Chain

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Distribution Center

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