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Measuring the ROI of Automated Food Safety

Automating food safety saves time, saves money and creates efficiencies. Start by examining inventory, labor, and energy. Everyone in your supply chain will benefit from implementing technologies that deliver bottom-line savings while enhancing safety and quality compliance while protecting your brand against risk.

  • Testimonials

    “I didn’t expect this level of ROI, but it is nearly 5:1. I didn’t realize the labor savings for the line checks would be quite as high.”

    IT Director
    Multi-Unit Cook to Order Restaurant Group

  • Testimonials

    "We’re very happy with how OpSense has improved our visibility into our operations. We’ve saved thousands of dollars by catching freezer issues and improving our power consumption."

    Senior VP Operations
    Southeastern Supermarket Chain


Automated Record Keeping

Monitor food safety and other operational systems 24/7/365.


Real-Time Alerts

Notify staff via text, email, or phone to prevent product loss or equipment failures


Enterprise Reports

Analyze temperature trends over time for shelf life maximization and better purchasing decisions.

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