Pharmacy Operations Management

Pharmacy Operations Monitoring

Around the clock automated monitoring provides your pharmacy with visibility that helps protect your temperature-sensitive vaccines and medicines. Wireless sensors collect temperature data and can even track when a door has been left ajar. If there is an issue, you and your team can receive alert notifications via custom emails, text messages or automated phone calls before it impacts the effectiveness of your medications. OpSense is designed to deliver quick ROI by providing actionable insights and date and time stamped data for your next compliance audit.

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Maintain product efficacy

Alert staff via text, email, or phone when temperature-related conditions arise that require management or employee attention or action. Identify problems before they result in product loss.

Increased visibility

Remotely monitor pharmacy operations 24/7/365. Eliminate human error and save hours of productivity with automated logging and tracking corrective actions, rather than costly and error-prone manual documentation.

Improve labor efficiency

Remove the need for associates to manually check refrigerator or freezer temperatures. Save labor and energy costs, ensure quality control, and let your team focus on providing better customer service.

Quick payback

Significant savings within months of adoption.

Digital Checklists for Pharmacy

Replace paper checklists with a digital system for pharmacy safety and quality control. Confirm tasks were completed, take photos, add notes, and maintain a digital record of temperatures. Review results in real-time from all your locations.

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