OpSense Branding Guidelines

Please check with us before using our logo on websites, promotional materials, or other commercial or product use. If you have any questions about usage, please contact us.

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Full Logo - Color

Full OpSense Logo, Color

Full Logo - White

Full OpSense Logo, White

Logo Symbol

OpSense Symbol, Icon, Favicon

Safey Zones

opsense logo safety zones example


B'Dazzled Blue

B’ Dazzled Blue#2C588C

Steel Blue

Steel Blue#397EA3

Dynamo Blue

Dynamo Blue #C3E3FB

Light Sea Green

Light Sea Green #12AEAE

Maastricht Blue

Maastricht Blue #042231

Japanese Indigo

Japanese Indigo #1B4152


Alice Blue Alice Blue, #EEF7FD
Sea Serpent Sea Serpent,  #54C9C9
Azurish White Azurish White,  #DAEEED
Snow (Light Gray) Snow,  #FAFAFA
Outer Space Outer Space,  #4A4A4A
Silver Chalice Silver Chalice, #ACACAC


Facit Font Family
1em = 16px

Facity Family Fonts

*For a full list of supported fonts and their usage, please reference our brand guide.



background graphic with various icons related to the opsense platform
Icons Pattern
background graphic with chart-like lines
Trending Chart
stylized world map graphic
World Map
background pattern of futuristic looking lines and shapes
Futuristic Lines

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