Simple, Affordable and Effective Refrigeration Monitoring

Little Caesars franchisees benefit from a wireless temperature monitoring solution that is tailored to restaurant operators. OpSense delivers actionable intelligence and significant savings in perishable inventory, labor cost, compliance, and maintenance. The system provides visibility into all locations to see at a quick glance that food is kept at the right temperature, whether it’s hot, cold or frozen. Most locations achieve ROI within months and save $5,000 - $10,000 annually.

  • Testimonials

    "OpSense provides real peace of mind that the ingredients we’re serving are in an optimal environment.”

    Chief Operating Officer, Gusto Farm to Street

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  • Testimonials

    "I didn’t expect this level of ROI, but it is nearly 5:1. I didn’t realize the labor savings for the line checks would be quite as high."

    IT Director, Multi-Unit Cook to Order Restaurant Group

  • Testimonials

    "The system is easy to use and allows me to see if my refrigeration units are having an issue in seconds - even when I'm not at the store. In a short period of time, OpSense has saved me a significant amount of frozen and refrigerated foods and given me peace of mind."

    Tim Pifer, Owner

When you install OpSense wireless temperature monitoring, you’ll have less spoilage and lost inventory due to a power outage, compressor failure, an open door, or a blocked drain. Your team will have more time to help customers instead of checking temperatures. You’ll receive alerts and notifications that provide insight into thrashing equipment so you can schedule maintenance before there is an outage, and you’ll have date and time stamped data for your next food safety audit.

To discuss how OpSense and IOLCF can help your operation, contact Robert Luftglass.

Robert Luftglass

Robert Luftglass Chief Revenue Officer


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The benefits of remote temperature monitoring

Maintain food quality

Alert staff via text, email, or phone when temperature-related conditions arise that require management or employee attention or action.

Automate processes

Eliminate human error and save hundreds of hours of productivity with automated logging.

Increased visibility

Monitor food safety and other operational systems 24/7/365.

Improve labor efficiency

Remove the need for associates to manually check cooler or freezer temperatures and other critical operations. Save labor and energy costs, ensure quality control, and let your team focus on providing better customer service.

Quick payback

Significant savings on labor, equipment maintenance, and energy costs within months of adoption.

Reduce downtime

Identify problems before they become costly, such as freezer doors left open or equipment failures, rather than leading to downtime, food spoilage, energy waste, property damage, and more.

Brands OpSense Protects

  • Logos for OpSense customers Buddy's Kitchen, California Fish Grill, Capital Ale House, and Gusto Farm to Street
  • Logos for OpSense customers Greer's Markets, Brown's Markets, The Halala Guys, and Handy
  • Logos for OpSense customers Jasmine Seafood, Lazy Dog, Lost Dog Cafe, and Murphy's Foods
  • Logos for OpSense customers Piggly Wiggly, Hays, Kroger, and Mac's Fresh Market
  • Logos for OpSense customers Ramsey's Market, Star Super Market, Yankee Trader Seafood, and Wakefern Food Corp
  • Logos for OpSense customers Cash Saver, Castle Retail Group, Solon Dixon Forestry Education Center, and Landmark Food Center
  • Logos for OpSense customers Rainbow Blossom, Tom's Food Markets, UniSea, and Stop to Save Supermarkets
  • Logos for OpSense customers Lucky's Supermarkets, The Market, Harvest Market, and Food Rite
  • Logos for OpSense customers Viking Village Foods, Little Caesars, and Mitchell Grocery Corp
  • Logos for OpSense customers Magnolia Market, Save-a-Lot, and Food Giant

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