Restaurants and Hospitality Operations Monitoring

Automate Food Safety

Automating food safety saves time, saves money and creates efficiencies. Around-the-clock data collection helps your operation meet HACCP and FSMA guidelines consistently, so you’ll always be ready for the next compliance audit. Remotely track critical operations such as temperatures in freezers and coolers, lighting and energy usage, HVAC conditions, and more. The system provides visibility into all locations to see at a quick glance that all critical control points are safe. Most locations achieve ROI within months.

  • Testimonials

    "OpSense provides real peace of mind that the ingredients we’re serving are in an optimal environment."

    Chief Operating Officer
    Gusto Farm to Street

    Read the Gusto Farm to Street Case Study
  • Testimonials

    "I didn’t expect this level of ROI, but it is nearly 5:1. I didn’t realize the labor savings for the line checks would be quite as high."

    IT Director
    Multi-Unit Cook to Order Restaurant Group

  • Testimonials

    "The savings are almost immediate in the event of product loss. It takes one time in order to pay for the system, that’s it."

    Regional Engineering Manager

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The benefits of remote temperature monitoring

Quick payback

Yield significant savings on labor, equipment maintenance and energy costs within months of adoption.

Maintain food quality

Alert staff via text, email or phone when conditions require attention or action to prevent product loss or equipment failure.

Reduce downtime

Real-time alerts identify problems before they become costly. An open door can lead to energy and food waste, property damage or downtime.

Improve labor efficiency

Eliminate human error and save hundreds of hours of productivity with automated data logging. Ensure quality control and let your team focus on providing better service.

Increased visibility & tracking

Each piece of equipment can be set up with specific parameters for data collection, alerts and actions.

Smarter decision making

Analyze operational trends over time to make smarter decisions. Continuous data collection means you’re always prepared for the next compliance audit.

Brands OpSense Protects

  • Logos for OpSense customers Buddy's Kitchen, California Fish Grill, Capital Ale House, and Gusto Farm to Street
  • Logos for OpSense customers Greer's Markets, Brown's Markets, The Halala Guys, and Handy
  • Logos for OpSense customers Jasmine Seafood, Lazy Dog, Lost Dog Cafe, and Murphy's Foods
  • Logos for OpSense customers Piggly Wiggly, Hays, Kroger, and Mac's Fresh Market
  • Logos for OpSense customers Ramsey's Market, Star Super Market, Yankee Trader Seafood, and Wakefern Food Corp
  • Logos for OpSense customers Cash Saver, Castle Retail Group, Solon Dixon Forestry Education Center, and Landmark Food Center
  • Logos for OpSense customers Rainbow Blossom, Tom's Food Markets, UniSea, and Stop to Save Supermarkets
  • Logos for OpSense customers Lucky's Supermarkets, The Market, Harvest Market, and Food Rite
  • Logos for OpSense customers Viking Village Foods, Little Caesars, and Mitchell Grocery Corp
  • Logos for OpSense customers Magnolia Market, Save-a-Lot, and Food Giant

Digital Checklists

OpSense makes performing tasks easier and faster than ever. Create and customize multiple checklists for all your operational needs, including pharmarceuticals. You can confirm tasks were completed, take photos, add notes, record temperatures and maintain a digital record of everything. Review results in real-time from all your locations.

Checklist iOS Examples

Everything you need in one place

Easy to Manage

Digital checklists are easy to create and maintain.

Cloud Storage

Your data is secure and accessible whenever you need it!

Save Time

The app saves your employees the hassle of documenting checklists on paper, and results are shared instantly with everyone for review.

Improve Efficiency

From storing results electronically, to advanced tracking and analytics, the enhancements you'll gain by going digital are astounding.

Reduce Labor Costs

Gone are the days of gathering physical copies of checklists to share with compliance officers and leadership teams. Download results in seconds, and share them instantly.

Increase Accuracy

Eliminate pencil whipping using digital entry of information.

Reporting & Analytics

Generate reports for audits and analysis

Managers can see checklists as they are completed, from each location. The Weekly Checklist Summary Report and Corrective Action Report provide insights into trends and highlight locations performing well. For example, consistent corrective action may point to a location at risk or an individual that needs additional training.

Corrective Actions Report Mockup
Weekly Summary Report Mockup

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