Restaurant Operations Monitoring

Restaurant Operations Monitoring

Monitor food temperatures and other critical operations such as task management, checklists, equipment, and energy costs with the OpSense IoT platform. Designed to meet the needs of today’s quick-service and fast casual restaurant chains, OpSense removes friction for restaurant employees and gives management teams visibility and quality control.

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Equip your restaurant environment with sensor monitoring technology

Our innovative solutions provide a wealth of opportunity

Real-time alerts

Notify staff via text, email, or phone to prevent product loss or equipment failures.

Automated record keeping

Monitor food safety and other operational systems 24/7/365.

Assist with regulatory compliance

Cloud-based checklists and reporting meet best practice standards for regulatory inspections.

Reduce labor costs

Eliminate human error and save hundreds of hours of productivity.

Customizable tracking

Each piece of equipment can be set up with specific parameters for data collection, alerts, and actions.

Enterprise reports

Analyze operational trends over time to make smarter decisions about your operations management.

Success Story

OpSense is based on a temperature management solution developed for grocery giant Kroger that is now deployed in nearly 3,000 stores and is giving the Fortune 50 company a 5:1 ROI.

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