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Ragland Brothers Retail Companies, Inc. has a rich history dating back to 1922. Over the years, the four brothers built a commitment to integrity and loyalty that continues to serve as the company’s core belief today at Lucky’s, Piggly Wiggly, and Stop to Save Supermarkets in North Alabama and Southern Tennessee.

Brent Weber is the maintenance supervisor at the independent chain and oversees refrigeration repairs and maintenance in all their locations. He and his team relied on store managers and personnel to notify him when they discovered a problem with refrigerated cases. Occasionally, overburdened essential workers would forget to call when they noticed an issue, call late at night, or worse, a case would go down after business hours when no one was in the store. After several losses in a short period of time, Brent realized they needed real-time visibility into the temperatures in their walk-in freezers, coolers, cases and bunkers to proactively prevent inventory losses.


Almost immediately after OpSense was installed, benefits were achieved. In addition to helping save ten doors of frozen food and two smoked meat cases, Brent saw the need for some adjustments to defrost cycles for more efficiency. One of the great benefits is monitoring temperatures without having to go to each location, especially when the store is closed and no one is there.

Early one morning, Brent received an alert at 2:37 am. All the compressors shut down in one location. The notification allowed Brent to make the repair before any inventory was lost, which would have been very expensive.

OpSense has saved Ragland Brothers from losing cases full of food several times -- especially at night when no one is in the store. Remote refrigeration monitoring and alerting provides around the clock peace of mind.


“One of the great benefits for us is monitoring our temperatures without having to go to each location, especially when the store is closed and no one is there.”

Brent Weber
Maintenance Supervisor, Ragland Brothers


Real-Time Continuous Refrigeration Monitoring

Around-the-clock automated refrigeration monitoring provides your grocery store with visibility that helps prevent loss, improve refrigeration efficiency and meet or exceed food safety guidelines. OpSense is designed to deliver quick ROI by providing actionable insights that support immediate resolution of issues.

Designed to meet the needs of today’s supermarkets, OpSense gives management teams visibility and quality control. In addition to temperature, wireless sensors can monitor humidity, open doors, HVAC conditions, lighting, and more. OpSense supports critical operations including intuitive dashboards and store maps, automated messaging and alerts, task management, checklists, and reports. OpSense delivers actionable intelligence and significant savings in labor cost, compliance, and maintenance.

Key Features and Functions


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