Saving money with real-time visibility


Mac’s Fresh Market, an independent grocery chain with 18 stores located in Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi is well-known for serving customers fresh quality products, especially fresh cut meats. Fresh is a cornerstone of their brand. Mac’s wanted the ability to see the temperature and humidity in all their walk-in freezers, refrigerators, cases and bunkers, in all 18 locations to ensure product freshness and proactively prevent inventory losses.


Like most supermarkets during COVID-19, Mac’s closed early. One night, minutes before closing an alert went to Jackie Lawrence, Co-Owner and Operator. The notification indicated that a seafood freezer was outside the established temperature range. Investigation pointed to a damaged compressor. Mac’s moved the merchandise from 15 frozen doors to another freezer and thus saved thousands of dollars in seafood products that would have been lost without the OpSense notification.

With OpSense installed, Mac’s has continuous real-time monitoring in their walk-ins, cases, coolers and bunkers. OpSense is designed for ease of use, the history provides detailed insight into the health of all the cases, coolers and bunkers in each location. The savings from this one incident helped Mac’s achieve ROI on the system in all 18 locations.


It’s a great tool. It’s not costing me money, it’s saving me money.

Jackie Lawrence
Co-Owner, Mac’s Fresh Market


Real-Time Continuous Grocery Operations Monitoring

Around-the-clock automated monitoring provides your grocery store with visibility that helps prevent loss, improve refrigeration efficiency and meet or exceed food safety guidelines. OpSense is designed to deliver quick ROI by providing actionable insights that support immediate resolution of issues.

Designed to meet the needs of today’s supermarkets, OpSense gives management teams visibility and quality control. In addition to temperature, wireless sensors can monitor humidity, open doors, HVAC conditions, lighting, and more. OpSense supports critical operations including intuitive dashboards and store maps, automated messaging and alerts, task management, checklists, and reports. OpSense delivers actionable intelligence and significant savings in labor cost, compliance, and maintenance.

Key Features and Functions


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