Saving inventory and energy


Hays Supermarket, a regional grocery chain with stores located in Arkansas and Missouri is known for providing fresh quality products and superior customer service. Hays wanted to ensure that their products were fresh and high quality while reducing spoilage and unnecessary waste. They needed real-time visibility into the temperature and humidity in their walk-in freezers, refrigerators, cases and bunkers.


Following the installation, while reviewing the data, the OpSense team noted that a frozen food case was running high. After being notified of this, a visual inspection by the store manager pointed to a clogged drain. Hays fixed the issue, and a potential loss of several thousand dollars was prevented immediately.

A few days after the installation, while reviewing reports, Hays noticed that several cases were fluctuating above and below the desired temp throughout the day. Reports were forwarded to the refrigeration vendor and adjustments were made.

Mobile alerts provide store managers with information in the palm of their hand to address anomalies before they result in losses. Hays is confident that the temperatures in their food storage areas are accurate and auditable and that they are providing fresh quality products to their customers.

By implementing OpSense, Hays has continuous real-time monitoring in their walk-ins, cases, coolers and bunkers. Within days of installation, Hays achieved a positive return on their investment and continues to benefit from the energy savings.


We're very happy with how OpSense has improved our visibility into our operations. We've saved thousands of dollars by catching freezer issues and improving our power consumption.

Jon King
Senior VP of Operations


Real-Time Continuous Grocery Operations Monitoring

Around-the-clock automated monitoring provides your grocery store with visibility that helps prevent loss, improve refrigeration efficiency and meet or exceed food safety guidelines. OpSense is designed to deliver quick ROI by providing actionable insights that support immediate resolution of issues.

Designed to meet the needs of today’s supermarkets, OpSense gives management teams visibility and quality control. In addition to temperature, wireless sensors can monitor humidity, open doors, HVAC conditions, lighting, and more. OpSense supports critical operations including intuitive dashboards and store maps, automated messaging and alerts, task management, checklists, and reports. OpSense delivers actionable intelligence and significant savings in labor cost, compliance, and maintenance.

Key Features and Functions


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